We find ourselves looking at waves very differently these days, frothing over 2 ft high tide rollers, grinning like a 12 year old who had just learnt to surf… loving every single minute of it!  The idea for Foil Tec came about several years ago after becoming completely addicted to foiling (our wives compared it to a serious drug addiction).   A group of us saw a need for a dedicated foiling website, featuring the highest quality products and best designs.  We ride and test all the products on our site, so we know they are the best! 

Our next step was developing our own accessories, specifically with foiling in mind.  Which we did with our foil traction and board bags. Our passion for the quickly evolving sport of foiling continues to grow and the froth lives on!

Our team is always sourcing new great products and our highlighted brands are pushing the technology of foiling all the time – we will keep you updated with the latest and greatest!