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NANO (chop Tail foilboard) - Intermediate Advanced

$1,550.00 AUD


**Amos Shapes are currently building stock, order now and your approximate wait time is 3-4 weeks.

The Nano is the latest iteration of the prone board in our range. It has been crafted for riders looking for a more surf-like experience and a more aggressive approach to turns. With a reduced tail length, this board enables the rider to effortlessly execute even the most intricate of turns and tackle the steepest of waves without touching the rails.

Built in collaboration with team riders Tom Earl and Zane Westwood who have been working on perfecting this board for the past few months. Through our research and development, we have found that by decreasing the board's tail, we have significantly enhanced its manoeuvrability and created a seamless transition between turns.

The wider tail also increases stability, making it easier to bounce off the foam and recover quickly as you prepare for your next turn. Featuring a flat deck, this board allows for an offset stance and just the right amount of volume in the nose to keep this foilboard balanced and light under foot.  With ample volume under the chest, paddling becomes surprisingly effortless while still maintaining minimal swing weight.

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