NoLimitz V2 Foil Mast - 72cm / 78cm / 85cm / 93cm

The lightest, stiffest mast on the market!

$1,384.00 USD


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The V2 NoLimitz Foil Mast improves upon the original V1 design in every way. The V2 is significantly stiffer, significantly faster, and still featherlight. Using a layup of high modulus materials and our proprietary hollow core technology, we have achieved more with less.

The V2 has a tapering profile width profile that ends at 15.5mm at the fuselage adapter, making the mast 1mm thinner than the V1. The V2 also has a chord that tapers from the top of the mast to the bottom of the mast at 118.9mm. The width profile, chord, and foil section of the mast were chosen to maximize efficiency, eliminate ventilation, and make the mast responsive and fast. The V2 slashes hard, turns on a dime, pumps efficiently, and charges waves.

The NoLimitz V2 retains the V1’s title as the lightest foil mast on the market. If you are looking to shed weight from your set up, the easiest way to do that is to replace your stock mast with the V2. A lighter foil is easier to carry, pump, and carve.

The NoLimitz V2 is offered with a bonded on, dedicated adapter that fits the foil brand of your choice's fuselage.

The V2 is not offered with a universal adapter. The adapter it comes with will only fit that fuselage. 

Compatible with: Lift, F-One, Axis, Unifoil, Takuma 3 Bolt (M6), Takuma Kujira HD 2 Bolt (M8), Triton Monowing, , Mike's Lab, Cabrinha (not pictured), Sabfoil, and Sabfoil Kraken (not pictured).  

Sizes available: 72cm, 78cm, 85cm, 93cm  (note advertised length is not including adaptor, add 4-6cm for actual total length).  Please choose other if you want a length not listed and we will order it in for you. 

The most popular size for prone, wing and downwind foiling is the 78cm NoLimitz Foil Mast. 



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