Foil Tec

Carbon Fiber Cloth for Surfboards | Plain Weave 200gsm / 6oz | 25.58" / 65cm Wide

Carbon specifically designed for surfboards!

$40.00 AUD



We have developed carbon fibre fabric for surfboards, after several years of dealing with so much waste we manufactured our own carbon so there was minimal left over. 

This carbon is a plain weave 200g/sm or equivalent to 6oz cloth.  It has been designed to be 25.58" / 65 cm wide to fit a regular shortboard width easily. Carbon is being used throughout the surfboard industry for surfboard and foilboard hand laminating (wet lay-ups) and vacuum bagging processes.  Plain weave carbon fibre is woven in an over/under pattern. It is symmetrical and resembles a checkerboard and is easily suspended over edges which can suit designs with complex contours.

Our carbon fibre is the same width as surfboard fibreglass cloth and will roll out neatly to be cut just like fibreglass. We suggest using electric scissors to cut your carbon. 

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