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Florence 110 X Front Wing | New High Aspect Wing From Lift Foils

$1,400.00 AUD

SKU: 80161

Lift Foils has collaborated with some surfings's golden boys - the Florence brothers. John John and Nathan have been on the R and D Program with Lift Foils to produce a range of new wings. Bringing out the Florence 130 x and 110 x Front Wings and 21 tail. 

The Florence 110 X is designed with the Florence brothers to bring you a more user friendly foil, rare for a wind of this size and aspect ratio. The increased camber enhances the low-end use-ability while the high modulus carbon construction gives you precision control. Don’t let the increased low-end fool you, this wing can still win any downwind race on the planet. 

Vs. 110 High Aspect X

The 110 Florence X provides improved low-end performance and a more rigid frame. Compared to the 110 High Aspect X, a small amount of top-end speed is sacrificed.

Vs. 120 High Aspect

The 110 Florence X has increased efficiency and glide due to the higher aspect ratio. However, the wider wingspan sacrifices a slight amount of roll in the turns compared to the 120 High Aspect. 

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