Foil Tec

Hydrofoil Foilboard Track 11.81"/ 300MM

$24.95 AUD


Foil Tec's hydrofoil board track has been specifically designed for hydrofoil boards and offers superior performance for the foil industry, with a 11.81"/ 300MM length. Compatible with M6, M7, and M8  standard 25mm screws, it is designed to work with all leading foils on the market. 

These tracks have been designed and have gone through arduous R and D with leading foilboard brand Amos Shapes to create a user friendly product with the vacuum bag processes or hand laminated boards. They feature a wider outline for a bigger footprint, to hold up to the rigorous pressures of foilboarding. Are lightweight and strong.

Tracks are sold singularly. 

Weight: 145g/ 5.1oz

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