Amos Shapes

Spitfire | Advanced Prone Surf Foilboard

A progressive shape for advanced riders. This board will suit high aspect foil wings

$1,149.00 USD


**Amos shapes have experienced a high number of orders and are currently at a 12 week build time on all boards unless stock is showing. Please order and we will add you to our build list.

The Spitfire from Amos Shapes was a project with one of their younger team riders Rhett Walshaw, designed to suit the new generation of high aspect wings. With riding styles evolving they opted for a flat deck to accommodate for an offset stance. The teardrop outline pushes all the volume towards the nose and the thickness has been decreased over the tracks for maximum sensitivity to the foil. Foil tracks have been set further forward than previous models reducing the swing weight and allowing it to have a smooth pivot point at high speeds.

This is board is designed for the intermediate/advanced rider.


  • Suits new generation/high aspect foil wings
  • Tracks set 10” from tail
  • Teardrop outline
  • Volume pushed to nose
  • Reduced thickness in tail
  • Suited to high performance prone surfing
  • Foil Tec four-piece traction


  • Specifically designed high density inserts for maximised strength where board connects to foil
  • Futures 10.75” fin boxes
  • We use Australian made EPS Foam and the best fibreglass, carbon and epoxy we can get our hands on.
  • Carbon vacuum bagged for strength
  • Air vent and leash plug
  • Amos Shapes only uses the highest quality materials available in order to build your premium foiling product.
  • Weight ranges vary due to board size and choice of construction but typically range from 2.5-3.5kg.

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