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Florence 130 X Front Wing | New High Aspect Wing From Lift Foils

$1,016.00 USD

SKU: 80162

Lift Foils has collaborated with some surfings's golden boys - the Florence brothers. John John and Nathan have been on the R and D Program with Lift Foils to produce a range of new wings. Bringing out the Florence 130 x and 110 x Front Wings and 21 tail. 

The 130 Florence X has been designed off the DNA of the ever popular HA120 and he HA 150X.  The new 130 X wing has been tuned to be John and Nathan's downwind daily driver, with the top speed and low end tuned to enjoy downwind runs in all conditions with speed and style.  

Whilst this wing has been geared for downwind performance, it also works well for winging and foiling in small surf. Allowing endless glide and the ability to easily connect waves. The high modulus construction provides unmatched stiffness and responsiveness. Simply put, this is one of the best wings we’ve ever built.

Vs. 120 High Aspect

The 130 Florence X has increased efficiency and glide due to the higher aspect ratio. The wider wingspan sacrifices a slight amount of roll in the turns vs. the 120 High Aspect.

Vs. 150 High Aspect

The 130 Florence X provides higher average speeds and more aggressive turning characteristics while still providing the excellent range the 150 High Aspect X is known for. 

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