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Lift Foils 32" M2 High Modulus | High Performance Foil Mast

$1,491.00 USD

SKU: 80136

The 32" M2 High Modulus Mast is the choice for those seeking the greatest performance possible. Perfect for riders over 180 pounds and designed for large HA-X wings, users should expect nothing less than astounding speed and unparalleled maneuverability. M2 is 30% stiffer in flex and 45% stiffer torsionally than the Classic Series. Included: 28" Mast, Hardware Kit, and Protective Cover.

 The 32" M2 High Modulus Mast is for riders who want the highest performance gear on the market. This mast will suit riders over 180 lbs. using large HA-X wings Designed for speed and maximum agility, expect to see this mast under the boards of professional racing foilers and those who are pushing the sport to the extremes.

Stiffness of M2 vs. Classic Series:

• M2 is 30% stiffer in flex

• M2 is 45% stiffer torsional (twist)



28″ Mast
Hardware Kit
Protective Cover

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